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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Alan Keyes v. Barak Obama: Fundamental Race of the Season

The Alan Keyes v. Barak Obama race has turned into a difficult one to watch. To see Alan so far behind in published polls is difficult for this fan of his.

Keyes fundamental problem is his unwillingness to speak in soundbites and finesse issues with the purpose of achieving an end goal while taking "losses" along the way. This will serve him well in the Senate (if he can make it there), but has made him unelectable to the present.

In 2000, Alan's campaign for President was excellent. His message was on target and it resonated with the conservative base. But in Maryland before and Illinois now, he has had Republican Party organizations which were unable and unwilling to see the ultimate benefit of having him in Congress: namely that those who bring the debate higher inspire the base and build the party.

To be sure, Alan would not be the "constituent service" sort of legislator, but he would bring the level of debate on the floor of Congress to a level it hasn't reached since the 80's. With a Republican Congress and a President in his second term willing to "try things", this could pay off in long term dividends for the key issues facing the country right now; abortion and the tax code. But Alan doesn't play the game the way the "players" like, so he finds himself in a pickle at present.

Hopefully there is a miracle in the offing, but campaigns are rarely won in such a manner. Blessings to the man, curses to those unwilling to seek something higher than mere wins and losses.

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