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Thursday, October 28, 2004

. . .On the Clinton UN Watch.

Former President Bill Clinton sat down with Diane Sawyer for a personal interview recently. They discussed many topics abou this personal life and his future ambitions. In true Clinton form, the former President did not fully dispel rumors of his interest in the UN Secretary General position.
"There have been rumors that Clinton would like to be secretary general of the United Nations, or head of the World Bank. Asked about these, the former president said, 'Once you've been president, if you want another job, those are about the only two that you know that might be appealing. They're very important jobs.'

But he added he didn't know where the rumors got started. 'As far as I know there's no campaign under way or support for that,' he said. 'And neither does either one of them have a vacancy right now. And I strongly support the current occupants of both offices."

This comes from a man who has not yet settled his mind on the meaning of "is" and who didn't have "sex with that woman" before he did have "inappropriate relations" with her.

Clinton is a master with the trial balloon. He is clearly interested in becoming Secretary General of the UN or he would flatly deny it here. Quite the opposite, he perceives this position as a step up for him.

Look for this story to develop. And if he continues on this path, watch for Hillary to stay out of the Presidential race in 2008. It will be impossible for the American people to countenance a Clinton running the United States and the United Nations at the same time.

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