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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ABC apologizes for steamy intro to "Monday Night Football''

Will the networks or the NFL ever learn?
"ABC apologized Tuesday for a steamy intro to 'Monday Night Football' after receiving complaints from viewers and the NFL. The spot featured a naked Nicollette Sheridan jumping into the arms of Terrell Owens."

Hey, let's face it: The networks can do nothing less than this. They're a business and if they are going to put programs like this one on television, it's necessary to promote them. The commercial intro itself is merely a symptom of a larger problem. Let's not merely have a discussion of the appropriate and necessary apology; let's talk about the decadence of what we put on television as a whole.

ParentsTV.org has some great quotes on the problems of network television. The best of them all is this:
"Just take a look at what Disney's The Incredibles did its first weekend. In two days, it grossed $70 million, and yet a family can't find a half-hour of programming in prime time they can watch together."

- Steve Farella, president and CEO of Targetcast TCM

This one also reminds us of a time when TV was enjoyable for the family:
I thought that Steve Allen's heart was in the right place when he was trying so hard to get TV to clean up its act in the years before he died.

-- Dick Smothers, Press-Telegram, 4/23/2004

It's time to bring the debate back to the forefront.

ABC apologizes for steamy intro to ``Monday Night Football''