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Monday, November 22, 2004

Millions Come from Arabs to Fuel Clinton Library

Hypocracy abounds! Millions of dollars from Arab countries and leaders were used to fund the Clinton Library.
The New York Sun: "President Clinton's new $165 million library here was funded in part by gifts of $1 million or more each from the Saudi royal family and three Saudi businessmen.

The governments of Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar and the deputy prime minister of Lebanon all also appear to have donated $1 million or more for the archive and museum that opened last week.

Democrats spent much of the presidential campaign this year accusing President Bush of improperly close ties to Saudi Arabia. . . . Perhaps as a result, the Saudi donations to the Clinton library are raising some eyebrows. Mr. Unger said he suspects that the Saudi support may have something to do with a possible presidential bid by Senator Clinton in 2008."

It's interesting that Clinton's endorsement of Kerry after open heart surgery focused generically on accusations that Bush spoke words of fear rather than hope to the American people. Clintons never specified whether those words centered around terrorism or economic issues. Could that have been purposeful in light of the revelations above?

Clinton did have a way of raising campaign money from non-US citizens. Is all this tied to a desire to obtain such funds for a 2008 run for Hillary. They don't call him "Slick Willie" for nothing.

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