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Monday, December 20, 2004

The Morning Blog Roundup

SNL Outrage: Outside the Beltway and Michelle Malkin comment on the Saturday Night Live skit which depicted Rush Limbaugh collapsing in his own vomit due to a drug overdose. SNL also had a skit calling the red states a term tantamount to--but much more derogatory than--"idiots." As an insider for the show said, ""Would we have done this to [John] Belushi? [Chris] Farley?" the source said on Sunday from New York." And Michelle Malkin says, "There's the liberal holiday spirit for you. Pathetic losers."

Warner for Governor; I Mean President: Commonwealth Conservative discusses the nascent Presidential campaign of Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia. As the non-SNL Dems seek to reach out to the red states, Warner is much less liberal in his political outlook--a la former Governor Doug Wilder who's first campaign Warner ran. Yet like Wilder, Warner is still a thorn in conservative sides.

Can Scholars Be Deceived? The American Mind actually found out that the intellectual elite can actually hold kooky beliefs. What a revelation!

Turkey in the EU: The Diplomad while pondering the entrance of Turkey into the European Union questions the current scope of our relationship with the EU at all.

Merle Haggard for Poet Laureate? Power Line finds that the legendary country music star is the object of a campaign in California to make him Poet Laureate. The Gipper--a great country music fan and friend of Haggard--would be very proud.

Iranian Blogging Exploding: Captain's Quarters--a daily must read at Opinion Times--shows the growing political effect of bloggers in Iran. Read this article. It has implications for freedom everywhere, including our own country. A free press is one of the pillars of freedom.

Why Annan Should Resign: As readers of Opinion Times know, it is my opinion not only that Kofi Annan should resign as head of the UN, but that the United States should clean house there or cut bait and run. Blogs for Bush has more commentary on this issue.

ID Cards: Adam Smith Institute has some comments on the veracity of national ID cards. It's a foreshadowning of things to come if we decide to do the same here in the US.

Ravi Zacharias: The Evangelical Outpost gives a short bio of one of my favorite speakers and Christian thinkers.

The Roth Report: Wes Roth has re-introduced his site as a news aggregator similar to the Drudge Report. Check it out!

Bayh in the Administration? Hoosier Parliament makes the case that President Bush should pass over Sen. Joe Lieberman and put Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh in instead. According to them, it's practical on many levels.

41 Goes "Hardcore": INDC Journal highlights what we love most about George Herbert Walker Bush in these latter years. And he also gives due credit to Power Line for their role in "Rathergate."

ACLU, Practice What You Preach: Spreading Understanding notes that the ACLU is researching personal details about its members with a fine tooth comb in preparation for a massive fundraising campaign. What about personal privacy?