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Monday, December 06, 2004

TennCare Shows How Hillary-care Would Work

OpinionJournal features the result of Hillary-style health care which has been operating in Tennessee since 1994:
"TennCare promised the impossible dream of politicians everywhere: Lower health-care costs while covering more of the "uninsured." They got the impossible, all right. After 10 years of mismanagement and lawsuits, TennCare now eats up one-third of the state's entire budget and is growing fast. Governor Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, is preparing to pull the plug and return the state to the less lunatic subsidies of Medicaid.

TennCare is now in worse shape than it was a decade ago. Three of the 11 privately run Managed Care Organizations that insured TennCare patients and administered the program have fallen into receivership. Amid the legal wrangling, Blue Cross Blue Shield all but pulled out of the program. Today the state has assumed all the insurance risk and pays most of the premiums."

This is just one more piece of evidence mounting from the last four decades which have proven that government is unable to manage any part of a society. It is only good for that which is truly collective: the military; infrastructure like roads and bridges; judicial branch functions (though overreaching in torts nowadays). It is wholly inadequate to mitigate the unfairness life brings. As a country, our priorities should be determined in light of the excesses government spawns when it attempts to solve societal problems.

As Winston Churchill said, "I am all for equality at the starting gate."