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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pro-Life Advocate Arrested for Exposing Medical Negligence in Public Area

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is defending a pro-life advocate who was arrested by Cleveland police for playing a tape recording of a 911 call made by an abortion doctor in front of his clinic. The police cited a noise ordinance as the basis for the arrest. The ADF says this is a violation of free speech rights.
Alliance Defense Fund: "CLEVELAND: An attorney allied with the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit today in federal court to have the City of Cleveland's sound device and noise ordinances declared unconstitutional on behalf of two pro-life advocates. The city used the ordinances as a basis to arrest one of the men outside of an abortion clinic for playing an audiotape of a 9-1-1 recording involving the clinic's owner.

The audiotape contains a recording of abortionist and clinic owner Martin Ruddock talking to a 9-1-1 operator during complications that occurred during an abortion procedure performed on a 30-year-old woman. “I just can’t stop the bleeding. I can’t see what I’m doing and I want her out of here,” Ruddock says on the tape. "
The first impression one has coming away from this story is that the doctor shows a sterile disregard for the safety of the woman having the abortion and would rather see the problem removed from his premises. In fairness, it is problematic to evaluate 911 tapes on the surface. But the content is still compellingly eerie.

But as regards the arrested activist, it is totally appropriate on his part to point out the method and means by which abortions are performed in general and by this doctor specifically. The tape in question suggests a problem with the lack of medical standards in abortion clinics. They are run by nurses and doctors, but they are not held to the same governmental and professional scrutiny as other medical facilities. This protest appropriately points that out.

There is also the issue of respecting the life of the woman. This concern--as I pointed out yesterday--is not paramount to abortion providers. Seemingly, the money that can be made from the procedure is the top concern of abortionists and organizations like Planned Parenthood. Disrespect for life in the womb reaches levels of hatred which are shocking (as quoted yesterday in may article, "From the time [women seeking abortions] walk in to [clinics which provide alternatives to abortion], they are inundated with information that is propaganda and that has one goal in mind. And that is to have women continue with their pregnancies." As if it is a horror to bring that innocent child to life.)

This protester has provided a meaningful, public insight into how women are viewed by the abortion industry. Though opponents to this view might find the situation anecdotal, others like myself see the logical conclusion of killing innocent babies in the womb to be to be a selfish disregard for the life and needs of others (e.g. the Terry Shaivo situation).