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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Interesting Prospect for 2008

According to NewsMax.com, Cong. Mike Pence--a Republican representing Indiana's 6th District--is a potential candidate for President in 2008.

Pence is Chairman of the influential Republican Study Committee in only his second term in Congress. He is also an assistant Majority Whip. He's risen very quickly in Congress to key positions of Republican leadership, and is well respected by his Republican peers in the house.

So why is his name surfacing? It could be for many reasons. Many in Indiana want Pence to seek statewide office like Governor or Senate. As a former statewide talk show host and having a congressional district which touches the Indianapolis media market, Pence is truly a statewide commodity there.

Rumors like this spread for many reasons. Many Republicans are fishing to find a person who will convey the conservative message clearly as moderate candidate hopefuls like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are currently at the forefront of the nomination race.

With so few years in Congress, it is unlikely Pence could build a national following, but he is an interesting candidate for the future.