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Monday, October 11, 2004

Andrew Sullivan Preps Tag to Rove

Andrew Sullivan's review of the current polling ends with a set up for claiming Karl Rove is responsible for the round of Swift Boat Veterans ads about to be broadcast in various battleground states (read my article on this subject here).

www.AndrewSullivan.com - Daily Dish: "KERRY'S MO: The longer perspective shows you where this race has been heading. CNN/Gallup shows that Bush-Cheney have lost six points since this time a month ago. Kerry-Edwards have gained nine points. That's a huge shift. So Zogby now shows a dead heat with Kerry nominally ahead by three points. WAPO shows a Bush lead - but only back to where he was a week ago and all within the margin of error. Bottom line: the race is dead-even. A month ago, it wasn't close. And the undecideds are leaning Kerry. Of course this is exactly the kind of moment that Kerry, like the Cubs, tends to screw up. And it's also a scenario in which Rove unloads his dirt-bomb. Uh-oh."

This is unfortunate, Andrew. I don't believe there is a direct connection at all except that most of the Swifties are naturally Republican as are most veterans and active duty servicemen.