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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Brown Shirts

I reported in a previous article about a string of violence that has been hitting Bush/Cheney campaign offices around the country. Erick Erickson has just written an excellent bit of commentary on the issue an excerpt of which is given below.

"No Democrat can be happy with what happened to Al Gore. He did, after all, win the popular vote. But, that is not the way the game had to be played and he knew it. Now, the left seems intent on breaking all rules necessary to gain power. If, through voter fraud and violence, the left can capture the White House in a close election, it will most likely adopt those tools as a means of keeping power."

Here's a link to his article

Let me comment on the violence that he refers to in Huntington, WV. I was recently in West Virginia doing grassroots consulting for the state party there. Not only the Huntington office but the Morgantown office were ransacked numerous times. I was in that office the day after one incident and saw the window which was broken. Erick's article is a serious one, and we should pay attention to it closely.