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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Former POW's Last Vote

I'm touched. I went to Just A Girl In The World's website and saw this touching story. I quote it in full but ask you to visit her site as well.

Thanks for sharing Girl!

I agreed to put in a few hours for Hospice today. They had a new patient that they wanted me to do an intake on. So I spent 3 hours today at the home of G. - a man with lung cancer. He has an approximate 3 month prognosis, and is in extremely good manner about it. He’s a former POW from WWII and an active veteran with his local VFW. He wants to remain active in it as much as possible and for as long as possible.

After I was done answering his questions and then doing his physical assessment and going through his medications - - he looked at me and said, “I don’t care what happens between now and when I die - except for one thing. I am going to stay alive long enough to vote, dammit. If you think for one moment that I’m going to let John Kerry hijack our nation’s military, you’re nuts. I’m not going to let that happen without knowing that at least I voted for the right man, George W. Bush.”

I said, “G. - you’re going to vote on Nov. 2nd if I have to come down here and drive you to your local polling area, myself.”

He says, “Really? You’d do that? Because otherwise I’d have to take a cab”

So, on November 2nd, I have a date 30 miles away. I’ll cast my vote here, first - then head down to Milwaukee and help G. cast his. I think it’s the very least I can do for a former POW who is casting his very last vote in his life.

(PS - oh yea, and before my good friends from the left ask the obvious question, the answer is yes. Yes I would.)

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