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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voter Fraud Across the US

Allegations of voter fraud have been found in Colorado. A local Denver television station has done an investigation and found specific examples of improper and multiple registrations.

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"With just 21 days left until an election in which every vote will count, the 9News I-Team has uncovered voter registration fraud that could cause chaos on Election Day for hundreds, possibly thousands of Colorado voters. 9News has discovered a record number of fraudulent voter-registrations across the state. Secretary of State Donetta Davidson tells 9News she is concerned about what the I-Team has uncovered and wants those responsible prosecuted. 'It has just gone rampant,' she told reporter Deborah Sherman in an interview Monday afternoon."

This is not the only instance of voter fraud across the country this year. Michelle Malkin has recently documented cases currently under investigation in Tennessee, Cleveland, OH, Michigan, and West Virginia. World Net Daily is reporting the abuse by Democrats of 501(c)(3) laws which allow those organizations to participate in voter registration. In the year 2000, Joseph Farah reported on a letter sent to non-citizen Hispanics in California and Washington State signed by Fmr. Pres. Bill Clinton urging them to vote and including a finalized voter ID card.

In West Virginia in particular, the problem historically turned a Presidential election in 1960 and recently has caused a stir because U.S. Attorney Kasey Warner has been very effective in his investigations of vote buying in the southern part of the state. This has precipitated death threats given to himself and his family and others. Vote buying is a common practice in the southern "coal fields" and played a prominent role in the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy which has been documented in the book "West Virginia Tough Boys." Cleaning up voter fraud in the Mountain State has been a major part of the platform of the Republican Gubernatorial candidate , Monty Warner, who is the brother of the U.S. Attorney.

Voter fraud clearly has much more destructive potential on the veracity of our elections than "mudslinging" political ads. It has not destroyed our representative form of government, but, unchecked, it could have a profound effect on our future stability. Massive fraud, if ever perpetrated and prosecuted could also effect our reputation in the world community more than any disregard for a UN resolution.

Vigilance is critical to our ongoing freedoms. Because of the problems documented this year and the increasing use of electronic means to register and cast votes, this society must have a better understanding of the need for due diligence at the polling place. We cannot take these problems lightly. Because mankind is not innately good, power and influence can easily lead candidates and parties (on both sides) to allow means to justify ends. And voter registration methods have become much less prohibitive for those who would use any means to influence an election. This is a serious matter worthy of our attention. And those guilty of committing this fraud should be given the highest penalties possible and considered traitors to our free system of government.