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Friday, October 29, 2004

War Is War Mr. Kerry

Frankly, it grows tedious to hear John Kerry talk about the war on terror. A statement I just watched him make on Fox News a moment ago in response to the Osama Bin Laden tape circulating today emphasizes his inability to give a coherent plan to fight terror. He is totally absorbed in the political calculation of his statements.
Under his administration, "we will stop at absolutely nothing to hunt down terrorists wherever they are in the world."

Does this include Iraq? And if not, why? I thought it was the "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time." And what specifically would he have done differently? Merely saying "I would have gone after Osama Bin Laden and not Saddam Hussein" is an answer not only blind to the circumstances but crying out for specifics. And the very fact that OBL is broadcasting this message implies his complicity in all that is happening in Iraq now which means he had a stake there before the war.

No matter how much guys like Andrew Sullivan and Daily Kos want to criticize Bush for the handling of the war, they must as vigorously criticize John Kerry for such a politically calculated statement so inconsistent with his campaign rhetoric and political record.