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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Is the Declaration Constitutional

WorldNetDaily has an interesting article about hyper-deconstructionist, reinventionist history. (Thank you Conservative Zone for pointing us to it.)

OK, I know the adjectives are a bit overboard, but so is the charge leveled by the ACLU:

In a season typified by lawsuits against manger scenes, crosses and even the words "Merry Christmas," a California case is taking the "separation of church and state" one step further – dealing with whether it's unconstitutional to read the Declaration of Independence in public school.

Attorneys for the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit Monday against the Cupertino Union School District for prohibiting a teacher from providing supplemental handouts to students about American history because the historical documents contain some references to God and religion.

"Throwing aside all common sense, the district has chosen to censor men such as George Washington and documents like the Declaration of Independence," said ADF Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb. "The district's actions conflict with American beliefs and are completely unconstitutional."

When we abandon the anchor of the principles which founded this country, we can go adrift in the swells and crash against the breakers (with due respect in my analogy to Captain's Quarters).

In this season of hope and rememberance of what the Lord of Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ has done for this world, we would do well to eschew all such cancerous actions by the ACLU. Our freedom of speech in this country does not preclude us from calling the destruction of religion in our society and our documents what it is, a vile act of self-interest.