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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Out In the Blogsphere

World Relief Day: Don't forget to participate in Captain's Quarters' "World Relief Day" on January 12.

Breyer for Duty: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer showed up for jury duty, according to California Yankee, glad for the show of support for the jury process. Maybe he could enhance this with more support for the Constitution. As he said in a "James Madison Lecture" at the NYU School of Law in 2001:
[My] approach to constitutional interpretation . . . places considerable weight upon consequences - consequences valued in terms of basic constitutional purposes. It disavows a contrary constitutional approach, a more "legalistic" approach that places too much weight upon language, history, tradition, and precedent alone while understating the importance of consequences. If the discussion helps to convince you that the more "consequential" approach has virtue, so much the better.
Better for adjusting the law to fit your ends you mean. In the case of maintaining the liberties given to us, I'll take a little more legalism.

Social Security as Reparation: LaShawn Barber--you go girl!

Gonzales the Torturer? The Belmont Club handles this subject masterfully!

Alias: Erick reminds us: it's back! I comment there. He also has some more headlines.

Journalistic Hubris: Powerline hits the nail on the head with this piece. Long live the blogsphere*!

Carnival of Vanities: Hat tip to Commonwealth Conservative for the review.

Newton Sought God. Should We Ban Both of Them?: Back of the Envelope shows us an interesting article by Imago Dei which reveals that Newton actually sought Divine help when developing his theories. God forbid (pun intended) that one of history's great minds might actually seek the advice of the one who made it all. I guess Newton will no longer be taught in public schools to avoid conflict with the Constitutional Principle of Separation of Church and State. Oh wait, that was just some statement he made in a letter. But leave it to the secularists who continually muddy the waters of the debate over the 1st Amendment. I heard a preacher once say, "You can't get to know God in Seminary. They have you read books this thick (3 inches) which tell you why a verse this small (1 inch) doesn't mean what is says." This is how secularists/humanists approach the First Amendment and any evidence of Divine influence over the affairs of men.

Krauthammer on U.S. Aid: N.E. Republican gives us a wonderful quote by Charles Krauthammer on the significance of U.S. aid around the world. What an appropriate slap in the face on debunkers like Jacques Chirac.

The French: Thanks Hoosier Review.

Democracy or Republic: Hat tip as well to N.E. Republican for this article.

John Conyers: Defender of the Poor: Instapundit tells us how U.S. Rep. John Conyers office redistributed turkeys for the poor to his cronies. It's just like his support of redistributing our wealth!

Blog Recommendation: I regularly read the blog Physicist's Perspective. You should too.