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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Out In the Blogsphere

ME NO MAKE MOTHER EARTH MAD: IowaHawk has the story.

WAR IS BAD....NO DUH! Outside the Beltway found the source and has more links to other stories.

HONOR THE SOLDIERS: Hoosier Parliament has a link to a slideshow honoring our brave soldiers in Iraq. It's a must see!

PROTESTORS: Captain's Quarters has a letter from a Lt. Col. assigned to the Pentagon who wonders why no peaceful protests in support of the war occur to counter the "moonbat" protests now taking place.

CALIFORNIA YANKEE'S FIRE: Our hearts go out to California Yankee who gives us an account of the fire he endured at his home during the holidays.

GEORGIA GOV. RACE ABOUT TO HEAT UP: Erick Erickson has the inside scoop.

GUARANTEEING THE U.N.: Right Voices informs us how the U.N. requests a guarantee for a loan to build a new New York based facility. I am sure this rings true for Americans who are feeling so bad about their stingy ways.

LA SHAWN'S 2005 WISH LIST: La Shawn Barber shares here Blogsphere dreams for 2005. La Shawn, Opinion Times is as good a name as Instapundit. I'll apply! And it will allow me to fulfill my dream of properly naming the mass of bloggers out there.

DUKE HOSTS PRO-TERROR CONFERENCE: Power Line informs us that Duke University gladly hosted a conference held by a pro-terrorist organization. "Duke president Richard Brodhead. . . found the decision to host the pro-terror organization to be "an easy one" given 'the importance of the principle free expression."" Your tax dollars at work! Doesn't the Patriot Act address such issues? Would love to know know the Homeland Security Department would handle this one.

WINTER WONDERLAND: Hoosier Parliament praises the outgoing Governor of Indiana for his prompt attention to the recent snowstorms. NOT!

THE ISLAMOFASCIST NEWS CYCLE: Froggy Ruminations notes the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of Osama Bin Laden's spin machine. With due reservation, we at Opinion Times announce the impending irrelavence (though continued malevolence) of Osama Bin Laden.