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Monday, December 27, 2004

Al Qaeda and Bin Laden Powerless to Change Iraq

Though many are calling the war in Iraq a disaster (on the left and the right), we're winning. And this most recent video of Osama Bin Laden proves it.

All Bin Laden now has to show for his attempt to cause the downfall of America on 9/11 is reduced to praise for Al-Zarqawi's efforts in Iraq. He has done nothing worldwide or in the United States to prove he has anything like the network he once operated. All he has left is a cache of weapons delivered to al-Zarqawi's people by Saddam Hussein prior to Allied Force occupation of Baghdad after the invasion of Iraq.

Though we would like to see more tangible progress internationally (as though Afghanistani elections were not enough), this seems to be proof that we are winning the international war on terror. Once Iraqi elections are held, the death knell of al-Qaeda will have been delivered. Bin Laden (or whomever may have fabricated this most recent video) knows with successful Iraqi elections their time of international influence will have come to a close.