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Friday, February 11, 2005

Bush Tells Pyongyang "We'll Talk Any Time"

The Bush Administration hasn't bit on North Korea's gambit to force bi-lateral talks by means of their announced possession of nuclear weapons.
My Way News: "It's not an issue between North Korea and the United States. It's a regional issue," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. "And it's an issue that impacts all of its neighbors." North Korea has plenty of opportunity to talk to the United States within six-party talks, McClellan said.
This was the most wise course of action to take under the circumstances.

There is a real possibility that North Korea is lying about their nuclear capabilities as a way to derail regional talks. One cannot put it past a rogue nation to use a canard to see if their adversary will wink. Fortunately, George Bush is made of the same stuff as former Sen. Alan Simpson when he said, "I represent a state where gun control is how steady you hold your rifle." In Bush's case the answer is, "very steady, thank you."

What's at issue here, assuming North Korea has the goods, is the not-so-steady-on-foreign-policy Bill Clinton who made a deal with a country prone to lie to maintain a lie. His administration's acquiesence to a despotic government was both foolish and bathed in an ignorance of history and the nature of man. The Bush Administration is working to reverse an inevitable outcome of wimpy, feel-good foreign policy.