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Thursday, February 17, 2005

"It's Deja Vu All Over Again"

I am re-introduced to Yogi Berra's wisdom as I read the news today.
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) - : "President Bush is not ruling out raising taxes on people who earn more than $90,000 as a way to help fix Social Security's finances."
Is this a genetic problem? Am I the only person here who wonders if President Bush believes his political capital can work against Democrats as well as those of us who supported him last year?

Count me in as befuddled and frustrated by this news! Credibility seems in short supply with this news. There is some assurance mentioned by the President:
Asked directly, Bush said he would not bar raising the $90,000 cap, although he does not want to see the payroll tax rate go up.

"The one thing I'm not open-minded about is raising the payroll tax rate. And all the other issues go on the table," Bush said in the interview, according to an account in Wednesday's New Haven (Conn.) Register.
That's nice, but I the President said that no tax increase was "on the table" already. The Washington Post reported in early February at a rally in South Dakota,
"Bush told the mostly partisan crowd here that he would never 'play politics with the issue.'

At some point, the government will be forced to cut benefits, raise taxes or restrict eligibility if the system is to stay solvent, Bush said. The president is leaving those choices to Congress but signaling he will support almost any change short of a tax increase.

'If you've got a good idea, come forth with your idea,' he said. 'Because now is the time to put partisanship aside and focus on saving Social Security for young workers.'"
As it is, the press is already making a connection between his father's broken promise and this current proposal. The President is risking too much political capital by potentially aligning himself to his father's political faux paux. It's the wrong course.

Let Mr. Greenspan do his own work Mr. Bush. Stay the course! "Thousand Points of Light," and all that stuff. Don't put your light under a peck-measure. Press on and let us keep our money at the same time!