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Monday, February 14, 2005

Liberal Entropy: An Open Letter to Jerry Landay

Captain Ed Morrisey recently posted a quite nasty letter he received. It seemed to him a random example of liberal hatred of the blogsphere. But it turns out that the writer, Jerry Landay, is a former member of the MSM and professor of journalism at the University of Illinois.

The good Captain suggested those of us who have interest might consider dropping Mr. Landay a line. I have done so, and herein provide that response.

Mr Landay,

I am very disappointed with your diatribe about our friend, The Captain. Count me in as a bit befuddled that a former member of the press, like yourself, could not contain his emotions effectively to make useful criticism of a well traveled commentator like Ed Morrisey. Are you feeling a bit vulnerable to us blog commenters out there? Is it we who cause you fear, or just the power of our ideas?

I read your comments about the Federalist Society here. As usual, this conspiracy theory rivals that of those who see the Council on Foreign Relations and the Skull and Bones Society at Yale as threats to our freedoms.

I must say I find your theories equally lacking in the "logic" department. But, then, we who profess a conservative/libertarian/judeo-christian worldview have been known on occasion to be guilty of ad hominem as well. I guess I subscribe to the view that liberal invective has taken a juvenile tone in both logic and manner. I would advise a review of debate tactics you learned in high school.

We once fell into that same trap and have come to the point where we have shorn up the once weak foundation with truth. Whereas, liberal dogma, based on the issuance of false hope and emotional diatribe, has crumbled upon itself by means of a philosophical entropy.

We wish you--if I may say so--Godspeed in finding your way.