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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mr. Sullivan--It Ain't That Easy

INDC Journal quotes a letter to Andrew Sullivan about Andrew's consistent attack on President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. It is a bit excessive in this journal's opinion, and we wish it were a bit more well balanced.

Now, by way of explanation, we like Andrew Sullivan's site at Opinion Times even though there are sharp disagreements on some key issues. Andrew does generally show a thoughtful side in his arguments and generally adds positively to the debate. But with his criticism of the President's handling of the war on Iraq, objectivity seems to be giving way to emotional disturbance.

To the point, here is a logical argument to that effect quoted by INDC:

It is an old military maxim that blunders can be forgiven, but a lack of boldness cannot. There will always be blunders. The simple becomes difficult in war. . . .There will always be blunders. But the job has to get done anyway. And to get this kind of job done boldness is essential. A leader who never blunders, but who doesn't take the fight to the enemy is worthless. A leader who sets about to win - win ugly if needs be - is priceless.

Exactly. We agree fully. The full article at INDC Journal is worth reading.