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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

On the Eschatology Watch

Applied Digital Solutions just received FDA approval of it's VeriChip, a data/tracking device which is the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted under the skin. It has been approved for initial use to transmit medical data to doctors when treating patients--especially those in a comatose state. ADS will provide $650 scanners to 200 trauma centers nationwide to help kick-off the release of this device.

The company currently sells similar devices for use in pets.

"Ultimately, the company hopes patients who suffer from such ailments as diabetes and Alzheimer's or who undergo complex treatments, like chemotherapy, would have chips implanted. If the procedure proves as popular for use in humans as in pets, that could mean up to 1 million chips implanted in people.

The company's chief executive officer, Scott R. Silverman, is one of a half dozen executives who had chips implanted. Silverman said chips implanted for medical uses could also be used for security purposes, like tracking employee movement through nuclear power plants. Such security uses are rare in the United States.

Meanwhile, the chip has been used for pure whimsy: Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, now use the microchip to enter a VIP area and, through links to a different database, speed payment much like a smartcard."

This has critical implications for the Christian who studies end times events. Could this be the Mark of the Beast? Time will tell.

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