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Sunday, January 09, 2005

42 and 43 Becoming Buddies

It seems like President Bush and former President Bill Clinton are becoming fast friends:
MSNBC: "For two men at opposite ends of the political spectrum, the relationship between the 43rd and 42nd presidents has grown surprisingly warm and personal over the last six months. Clinton endorsed Bush's approach to the tsunami catastrophe, defending him against criticism about his initial response as well as raising cash alongside the president's father. Friends and aides say the two men enjoy each other's company and, as fellow pros, respect each other's political talents."
As much as I like President Bush and his political and moral skills in office, this has shades of his misplaced admiration of Vladimir Putin.

Don't misunderstand. I truly believe Clinton was sincere in his support of the President's efforts to coordinate tsunami relief. Despite my suspicions that the former President has grander designs on shoring up a dying U.N. organization and possibly positioning for the Secretary General position, I never once saw a time where I thought "Slick Willie" was graspable like I did when watching his statement from the White House last week. But for George Bush to bring Bill Clinton in to confidence is a big mistake. Newt Gingrich once fawned over the Clinton's personal skills, and it cost him the Speakership (and now he wants to run for President see below).

Clinton is no Putin--that's for sure. But he will abandon support for a "friend", as Putin did, when political machinations dictate a different course.