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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tax Reform Clue

President Bush made an interesting statement today which may be a signal to his tax reform plan
DRUDGE REPORT FLASH: President Bush, who has pledged to reform the U.S. tax code in his second term, today praised the flat tax implemented by Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda of the Slovak Republic. During their meeting in Bratislava, Bush, without prompting, made a point of touting the flat tax:

“I complimented the Prime Minister on putting policies in place that have helped this economy grow. The most important responsibility we have at home is to make sure our people can find work. And the president put a flat tax in place; he simplified his tax code, which has helped to attract capital and create economic vitality and growth. I really congratulate you and your government for making wise decisions.”
The Fair Tax is the best way to go in my humble opinion. But simplification is the best way to true reform. Though Fair Tax purists may not agree with me, I'll settle for a Flat Tax filled out on a post card. That would be much more "fair" than the present system.