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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Keyes v. Obama in the Culture War

There have been many naysayers in conservative ranks about Alan Keyes' Senate race in IL. And, unfortunately, the press has been quite vicious about many of his statements. But those of like mind should not participate in the destruction of this standard-bearer of our foundational principles by sitting this one out either in the grassroots or at the voting booth.

Yes, it looks grim by the polling. But much in the bad numbers can be attributed to conservatives not understanding what the press is doing to make Alan seem on the fringe of issues. To be sure, he has not always spoken in sound-bite fashion as he should. But he has done well in the debates and he never compromises principle. He deserves support against a candidate like Barak Obama who is more left-wing that Carol Moseley-Braun could have hoped to be and will have more influence than she was ever capable of building.

Many like-minded people will think it going over the edge to push Alan in this journal. But, it's a clear choice for Alan Keyes in this race.