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Monday, October 25, 2004

'No Riots If We Win'

Well, I am sure it's all over the internet now. Matt Drudge is reporting it (click on the title above to go to his story), and it is spreading quickly around the blogsphere. Jonathan Edwards' wife is claiming that riots will not occur if the Kerry/Edwards ticket prevails implying that they will happen if he doesn't. (Is Michael Moore making threats at his rallies?)

Here's my take:

Let's be fair. Edwards wife is guilty of making an empathetic comment to a wild statement made by a supporter to which she gave little thought. And she may not have been fully aware of the possibility that the comment would be recorded (remember: her husband has only been in politics for less that 4 years and never on a national scale).

However, the acceptance of the supporter's concerns underscores the shallowness and pomposity of the Kerry campaign. These deficiencies are without equal even to the Clinton Presidency which suffered from the same.

To imply that there will be riots in a free society after elections shows the third world attitude that will pervade any Kerry led administration (the same third world attitude within which the UN operates I might add).

The pundits are correct to show this for the outrage it represents. The Democrat Party should be ashamed it could nominate such a crew to lead their party.

This audio link made available by Matt Drudge will pop open immediatly in your Windows Media Player.